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Data Management

Set up of Data Governance practice, Data Quality frameworks and principals, Data Stewardship and Ownership.

Established the Chief Data Office – Governance council for a leading bank

  • Established a data governance council by aligning key data stewards and owners across multiple disciplines of the Asset Management function.
  • Created a forum to enable decision making on data policies and standards
  • Defined the frameworks and operating model to facilitate data governance practice

Digital Transformation

Bootstrapped the digital transformation of a leading Bank in the DW space.

Notable clients
Major UK Bank #1 – Migrated an on-prem Teradata DW & QLik Reporting stack comprising of 60+ Data Sources and 100+ Dashboards to a AWS/Azure + PBI solution in 1 year timeframe

Cloud Migration

Migration of On-Premise DW to Cloud.

Notable clients
Major UK Retailer#1 – Enabling the largest Azure Transformation program in Europe by migrating 10+ on prem DW’s hosted on SQL Server, DB2, Teradata, Oracle, Access onto a end-to-end Azure stack leveraging Databricks and PySpark

Major UK Retailer#2 – Kicked-off one of the first Snowflake MIgration programs in Europe consolidating ALL on-prem legacy DW’s


Build frameworks to reduce manual engineering effort.

Notable clients
Data Vault Automation: Received accreditation from the Data Vault funder on building a metadata based data load engine for Raw and Business Data Vault

Python madness: If it can be automated, we can build it